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Biodun staggered into his house; drunk as always…..

His wife, accustomed to hearing his uneven drunk steps prepared herself for a terrible night ahead; Biodun was usually such a wonderful man, but alcohol brought out the devil in him.

She steeled her jaw for the blows that were sure to come; in an alternate reality, she was sure Biodun would have become a successful boxer. She could have succeeded in the boxing heavyweight division; such was the force of his blows; and she had withstood this hell for 8years. Many professional boxers’ careers didn’t even span that long.

The bang on the door shook her out of her reverie; she mechanically put a smile on her face and hoped against hope that tonight would be different.

As soon as she unlocked the door, Biodun staggered in. She imagined that this was what the production factory of Nigerian Breweries would smell…

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The Kanji Chronicles

Hunger they say is a respecter of no man, and I do not mean hunger for food; a hunger for success, hunger for attention, and all sort of things people crave for.

However, in this part of the world, the social class you fit in determines the kind and level of hunger you have.

The rich in the society crave for more economic and political power, the top  middle class crave to improve on their current position; the middle class hope to be able to afford all the bills and have some spare change and the poor hunger for all sorts.

Research has shown that there is a unifying factor amongst all classes…… the hunger for sexual satisfaction.  Pray, what kind of research is that? na so me sef ask wen I see am.

Just like my friend, many of us will disagree with this research, It’s a lie jor, the catholic priests do not have sexual urges, ehn ehn , so why are there so many sex scandals in Europe?

Public office holders do not have time for all that, especially Governors and Presidents,

‘Are you a learner?’ ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other top political office holders who have fallen to their delilahs.

How about the very busy CEO’s? Apparently you deserve a presidential pardon for not knowing its ‘Office P’; that is the most common, if you want to confirm, ask Strauss Khan, the former IMF boss.

Jide, you are forming u can counter everything abi, Oya what about the youth? Now I know you deserve a presidential pardon and a shake from Doyin Okupe, you are misplaced. Are you not on twitter or on Facebook at least, where ‘Setting P’ is the order of the day and vanity TRENDS faster than Mrs Odumakin ( the activist who got honoured by Obama). Abi u didn’t even go to University sef, or are u so blind to see how boys allow their penis to think for them instead of their brains?

This days because of the harsh economy and rate of unemployment, I figured out the smart boys now use wisdom (they assume its wisdom) to take care of the urge, they make use of the soap.

Abi , it’s better to use the soap na, GOD can forgive you but the economy and prices of cerelac and  pampers  will not forgive you if I have a child outside marriage…you are grossly mistaken if you think along this line. And for the proud users of soaps, I should alert you, I have a friend launching a website called , he claims this website will reduce masturbation amongst boys by exposing them. How will he get his pictures and facts?  I believe my friend will answer the question when GEJ tells us how he intends to solve our Power problems by the end of this year…GOD help my friend and GEJ ooo…

Hence the class of people I would like to address are the youth, if you agree with me, our country needs leadership. We say we are the future and the hope of Nigeria and the world at large, but if we keep doing things the same way we will make the same mistakes our Fathers have made.

Controlling your sexual urges doesn’t automatically make you a leader; it doesn’t give you the capacity to proffer solutions to our national problems. However it’s a sign of self-control, discipline and the ability to conquer self. We are tired of having leaders that give White Elephant projects after grabbing ****h.

In my earlier post ‘SEX ISH’ I told you that it’s Jesus that keeps my Penis from misbehaving. Truth must be told, even the greatest of all Men in the Person of David..aka..Killer of Wild Animals, aka, David Olorin,aka Annointed from birth fell to this uncontrolled urge, so who are you not to fall?, I mean this was a man recorded to be ‘a man after God’s heart’.

A Buddhist priest once said that the secret to them living a sex free life is having ‘TOTAL’ control of your mind. Notice the word TOTAL, it means they regulate ‘EVERY’ I mean ‘EVERY’ single thought that comes to their mind, hence they do not accommodate sexual thoughts at any extent.

That is the Buddhist priest, you aren’t a Buddhist, in this our country where the government uses billions to buy phones for farmers and grants pardon to VIP criminals and also claim its fighting corruption; it is almost impossible to be a monk. To make it worse sexual contents all over the internet, Music videos (your thoughts can’t be pure after you watch sister caro video…lol).

And if you work in any of this corporate organization, seeing shorties in mini-skirts and spending extra hours after work alone to get the work done , there is tendency for your thoughts to run wild.

There is a saying that ‘you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building a nest on your head’( even though the Buddhist say they can( mind you they live segregated lives).  To stop the thoughts from finding expressions in your life, you need Jesus).

From experience and study, JESUS has this special weapon called GRACE, it gives you a special ability to overcome the temptations, IT takes away all instrumentation that can lead to ‘Wankation or Sexation’’, ehn I know there is no word like that, sha get the message.

In simpler terms, it’s GRACE that will overshadow you and all that is in your mind is how to Love Jesus more such that you do not see the shorties. And in case the shorties are like the ones in Davido’s video, It is Grace that will make your office colleague burst in when you are about to Set P, it is GRACE that will disconnect the internet when you are about to take a wank, It is GRACE that will make your dad come home suddenly and destroy that P, only GRACE can control the ever thirsty Penis, make up your MIND, accept Jesus and let GRACE take over.

Nigeria needs you , build capacity for leadership by studying from the Ancient, covet discipline and selflessness, never surrender to the habits as you go everyday; allow GOD raise you as a future Leader by staying sexually pure. In case you haven’t climbed the forbidden tree, please do not, because once you climb once, you may just always keep climbing to you fall. And in Case you have climbed, like i know many of you reading have, it’s alright, subscribe to JESUS and let his grace help you

I am no preacher; I am just someone like you covered by grace, controlling my dangerous Penis through Christ that is in me. Thank you.

We can all be partners in finding solutions to this our dangerous part, in sace you have ideas that can help, please feel free to email on Thank you


Good piece on FELA ( Abami Eda), The black President

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“My name is ANIKULAPO; I have death in my pouch”

-Fela Anikulapo Kuti

The sweltering heat of Lagos and over 10,000 Nigerians are packed tightly, side by side; as though Slaves bound for export.

No one dares to step outside to receive the cool breeze.

Cigarettes have been lit, but at this moment….no one dares take a drag.

Chattering tongues have stopped; all eyes, ears and senses are focused on the stage.

If you guessed that the President was on stage about to deliver a “State of the Union” address, you wouldn’t be far from the truth.
For at this moment, Africa’s “Black President” is on stage, telling his people the dire state of Africa’s Giant.

“Abami Eda” has everyone’s undivided attention, it is a compelling message.

It wasn’t always like this; Olufela didn’t always have death in his pouch…..

On October 15, 1938, Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti was born…

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Muyiwa’s love letter

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I dip my keyboard into the fountain of love (the fountain no work again, government no repair am), to write you this “obahiagbon-ic” declaration of unparalleled emotional soliloquy.

No worry, if you no know the meaning, me sef no know…all na cruise.

I have strolled round the garden of love, the rose for there don finish so manage this Ugwu(you no fit cook Rose but this Ugwu can feed you for one week).

Yes, I’ve taken several pictures of you and thanks to Picmix, we now have a family album. Never mind that you have never met me, that is but a small issue.

As long as you don’t get a restraining order, we will get there. For now, “the long distance relationship” is not a problem.

Let me interject this note with a lovely romantic number…..”Ifeoma Ifeoma Ifeoma, I want to marry you”.

You see baby, the kingdom of…

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As i lay in my bed reading and meditating on several Independence day articles, my mind flashed back the experience i had at Leeds University last month. I met a girl from Canada who had travelled a long way to study in the UK, my friend asked her why she came so far to study and she said she wanted to experience different cultures. According to her,most pople in Canada come from Canada. Then i remember again early this year when i concluded that the division of this country could be the best way out for progress. Of course i was wrong, in the words Ben Carson ‘ Our diversity is a blessing and not a curse”. I remember also learning a lot about the Canadians, Chinese, British people and so on. Learning was only possible because of ethnic, religious and racial tolerance amongst the students and most importantly respect for each other which paved way for mutual co-existence. Our great country Nigeria is pregnant with greatness and the breaking of the water and contraction will only happen in the hands of able youths who wouldnt give way to ethnic and religious vagabond influnce their thinking and way of life…Seriously, it is time to move forward, it is time to shelve religion and ethnic frivolities aside and make progress. Christains and muslims have to realize religion is a man made entity and even GOD doesnt recognize any of such parties by the names they brand themselves. I acquired a great football skill from a boy from IRAQ , a muslim, the same boy taught me the secret to endurance in a long distance race, i must tell you i learnt a lot from the boy and i am a better person by the little skill he taught me. In case you do not know, somwhere in Syria is where a great disciple of Jesus is buried, and guess what ?, a mosque was built around his tomb, thus,  Christians and Muslims go there to worship, YES, you heard me right Christians go to ‘MOSHALASHI’ to pray at the tomb.

  That brings me to ‘RELIGION’ in Nigeria, i have to write carefully on this subject to avoid stepping on ‘’Anointed toes’’ . But seriously , enough of blaming the devil or whoever it is for our foes.  In Nigeria especially, Nigerians are responsible for the state of the nation today. To avoid just blowing bubbles, let me give a recent illustration to buttress this point. The immediate past Minister of Power, Prof Barth had an experience just few months into office. ‘’OGA’’ came to one of the power stations in the South West, information from an anonymous source claimed that 24 hours before his arrival, there was heavy transportation of some heavy equipment off that particular facility, my common sense sensed they didn’t want OGA to see the equipment ( I DONT KNOW Y Oooo). Prof’s went inspecting the facility and found out that the plant had about 4 generating plants  but only 1 was in use, OGA asked why?, and the officer in charge of that plant said they couldn’t operate the plant because the manual was written in Chinese , OGA asked why people had not been sent on training to China ?, and it appeared few people have been sent in the past. OGA got back to Abuja and reposted the officer in charge of that plant elsewhere and miraculously all the plants came to Life when a new boss came in. My people, i hope i have been able to convince you and not confuse you that the Devil isn’t the principal problem in Nigeria.

  I believe strongly that Prayer is very essential in Spiritual Growth and Generally in the Life of a human. However, the Bible , The Quran, The Grail Message and other spiritual books make it clear that Prayer without Works is Dead…Infact without mincing words, the religious people keep praying while the Bad people keep doing their stuff..Ok let me break it down. For example the Subject of Public Offices, we all have complained that our public officers aren’t performing or  haven’t performed up to expectation. Yet when elections come up we ‘RELIGIOUS’ people  do not run  or do not partake in the electioneering process . What we do is that we go to our churches, mosques, and so on to pray for the best ‘bad’ person to win. And of course the creator listens to HIS people so he answers our prayers. However, under performance is the order of the day , so we go back and start praying again for THE CREATOR to touch the heart of a bad leader. We need to change the over –religious perspective, we nedd to do more even as we pray more. As i will always say ‘‘I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OVER MY FAMILY AND COMMUNITY AND PRETEND I HAVE MORE TO GIVE TO THE GOVT THAN THEY HAVE TO GIVE TO ME’’.

People need to uphold serious work ethics and care more about the community irrespective of religious background, civil servants and infact everyone has the collective responsibility to ensure our institutions work. Promotions and employments should be devoid of ethnic bias. Our religious institutions should encourage people to act and work with topmost professionalism and ethics. People shouldn’t call down the ‘’HOLY GHOST’’ fire to burn down an employer who  hasn’t given you a raise. Instead approach the employer with your request and pray to the creator for favour. Please allow me share another example from Britain, Oya i know they are broke and have their own problems but they have a working system that we can learn from. Sometime last month, some workers in the Uk claimed employers do not allow them to exhibit their ‘’faith’’ in the place of work , the matter got to the parliament , however, David Cameron didn’t  fail to amuse me. The PM told the entire country that everyone should put their faith, religion or whatever in the House when going to work. The amazing thing is that the PM got away with the comment easily without much attacks from members of the parliament  because the ‘BRITS’ never allow religion to influence their way of life.

 As we celebrate our independence day, let us acquire with it the spirit of ethnic and religious tolerance and Nigeria will be on its way to becoming a great nation. United Kingdom have realized this, that is why Ilford in east london looks like the 29th state of India, that is why woolich arsenal and peckham in London is like the 37th state of Nigeria.Ethnic and Religious Tolerance Is A Starting point To The Way Forward. Although my political position is that we refer to a regional system of government that will allow grassroot and regional development through exploitation and development of thavast resources available at the regional level. GOD BLESS SANNI, the hausa man that sells suya by the road side, GOD bless Emeka the boy that sells provision at Agege Market, God Bless Iya Hawawu, the yoruba woman that sells fish by the road side, GOD bless GOODLUCK jonathan and the entire people of the south south who provide the national resource the entire country feeds on. WELCOME EVERYONE TO OUR 53rd year as a country. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.


Lets Talk a little about sex

I really do not want to sound like one of the hypocritical speakers or persons who comment and judge about the subject of sex, people who talk like they don’t have the urges or hormones in them. I am bold to say that i feel the urges and also feel the hormones gushing through my veins. I know the parties do not help, after being grinded or after grinding, your hormones are screaming for more, infact your hormones will run faster than usain Bolt’s in a hundred meter race. Seriously it is almost impossible not to be a part of the sex trend especially after one gains the first pornography and masturbation experience in high school, you want to taste the real deal or wen popularity is gained by how much HEAD you have received. A recent survey carried out in the United States have shown that all males 99% of all males between the ages of 14-45 masturbate regularly or have masturbated frequently one time or the other, the survey also claimed that the remaining 1% are don’t know if the statistic is very accurate.

Many times I have wondered what the big deal is about the event of sex, is it the warm, hot sensual feeling by the sexual organs or the ecstatic feeling of orgasm, the irony about this is that its a short time event that leaves at times everlasting consequences..Aniwiaz, irrespective of whatever excuse we have, the crux of the matter is that the monster VICE must be curbed, especially amongst the youths. I know you have heard about the story of Samson, David and all those people brought down by sex, and i know you must have been told that GOD punishes whenever we indulge in sexual immorality, but here is the truth, GOD doesn’t punish, if not i know a lot of peeps that should be dead by now and many of them are reading this now and agreeing in their hearts. What David, Samson and all these people suffered were the consequences of their own actions. I wont try to scare you with the chances of getting STD’s because good durex condoms has already taken care of that, or pregnancy that durex and contraceptics can collaboratively take care of, ok lemmi scare you with your health..oops, some crazy scientists have proven that sex is healthy. Speaking of health, i was astonished beyond description as i flipped through a british newspaper  that stated that ‘Sex at least 2 times a week was healthy for people in UNI’..’yepa’ some naija boy said ‘Dis one na opportunity to dey blow oo, i gas stay healthy’’ boy.


The reason we all have to curb our urges, hormones and desires is for ourselves, our image , our society , our nation , and of course for a closer relationship with your GOD. Aniwaiz, i will be sharing a lot on the role and effect of sex on our nation building and solutions especially for the males to the ever thirsty Penis. Till when i drop next, avoid grinding in parties, being left alone with your very hot best friend, and avoid setting P that you know will lead to sex ( on twitter), lol. Basically listen to your responsible parent and pastors. Later guys, i remain a guy like you also battling with those serious can drop ur comments on ma this blog page. Before i sign out for now, did i mention that JESUS was already takin care of my screaming penis, infact it screams less dis daiz, you can try out JESUS sha, only HE can make you keep ur penis in your pants.


Today I'm in church, yesterday I was drunk The preacher has no idea, to him I'm a monk But for a heads turn many exams I'd have flunked Far below .. Deep, I have sunk One more step and there'll be no return I'm chasing I'm chasing A thin line I'm tracing These "things" I seek, these "things" I cherish When I'm gone, these things will Perish Money, houses, beauty, cars Even though we can't reach .. We sell the stars What is the meaning? .. What is the point? Why we fill our glass ..why we roll a joint Fancy cars and expensive clothes Annoying init how they don't join us in growth So we grow and we move on Ever searching for a new thrill.. For new fun My brother there's nothing new under this sun Vanity upon vanity so the bible says At the end of the…

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